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Class Fees / Refund Policy / Privacy Statement

Class fees are to be paid in full before attending your child's first day of class. Classes are paid for on a Monthly Basis. Some months may only have three classes and others may have five. Check with the office before making your payment for the month. You are reserving a position in a class on a continuous month to month basis. Your child is automatically enrolled in the next month's classes, and you will be responsible for the class fees for the entire month. If your child is not going to continue taking classes, you must fill out a Drop Class form one week prior to discontinuing.

There are NO REFUNDS for missed classes, cancellations or for dropping out of our program. Make up classes can be scheduled through our business office with in two weeks of a absence.

Internet Payment Privacy Statement

This statement governs our privacy policies with respect to those users of our internet site who visit without transacting business and visitors who register to transact business on our site and make use of the various services offered by Olympic Academy of Gymnastics, Inc.


Personally Identifiable Information refers to any information that indentifies or can be used to indentify, contact, or locate the person to whom such information pertains, including, but not limited to, name, address, phone number,fax number, email address, financial profiles, social security number, and credit card information. Personally Indentifiable Information does not include information that is collected anonymously or demographic information not connected to an individual.

What Personally Indentifiable Information is Collected?

We will collect only basic user profile information from all of our customers ,to include, name, address, cell phone, email address, and credit card information including account number and expiration date, needed to autorize payments for services that have been registered for.

What organizations are collecting this information?

In addition to our direct collection of information, our second and  third party service vendors (such as website registration processors (iClassPro), credit card companies and banks who may provide such services as credit card processing, "AutoPay" services, and "Parent Portal"  payment services, that may collect this information from our customers.  iClasspro privacy statements can be viewed at iclasspro.com and your individual banks may provide specific privacy statements on their specific websites.

Olympic Academy of Gymnastics, Inc. does not, and will not sell, transfer, nor transmit any of your personal information to any other vendor, business or organization.


Insurance/Registration Fees

Your child must be supplementary insured by us in order to participate in any of the Academy's programs.  This fee is due upon your enrollment and is a once a year fee.

Family Registration Fee = $35.00 ( includes any additional family members)

Late Payments

You will be assessed a $10.00 late fee for each month that your payment is not received before the end of the calandar month of which your child is enrolled.  A $20.00 check processing fee will be charged for all returned checks.

Make-up Classes

Should your child miss a class, you may make arrangements with our secretary for one make-up class per calendar month.  Missed class fees can not be deducted from your monthly fees.

Special Events

At the conclusion of the academic year, the students may participate in our annual Spring Festival where the children demonstrate what skills they have learned throughout the school year.  Each student who attends will receive a Certificate, Trophy and Evaluation/Recommendation Form.  There is no charge for attending or participating in this event and admission is free.  Feel free to bring the whole family and enjoy the show!

 Curriculum, Skill Lists and Lesson Plans

The Academy is very organized and each student receives a skill list at the time of their enrollment.  Lists are available at the parent's information bulletin board in the Academy or by asking your child's instructor.  Lesson plans are also available for parents to review if they wish.


Your child is evaluated in each class by their respective instructors on a continuing basis.  Students may participate in classes twice a week if they choose to.  Once the student has completed 90% of the beginner skills, they may then participate in an intermediate 2 hour long class that meets once a week.  Intermediate students are then recommended to our competitive team coaching staff for participation in our traveling team program.

Class Cancellations

Classes will be canceled only under unusual circumstances.  Check for posted signs in the Academy, this website, as well as the academic calendar for scheduled closings and special events.  Fees will be prorated in the event the Academy cancels classes.  In the event of inclement weather, the Academy will be closed when NEWARK city schools are closed.  Check the website's home page or call the office for updated closings.


The Academy does offer discounts to families with multiple children enrolled in our various programs.  Check with the secretary in the office for specific details.

What to Wear

Both boys and girls enrolled in our recreational preschool or class program should wear shorts and a T-shirt to class.  Girls may wear a leotard if they choose.  Leotards will be available throughout the school year at various times.  Watch for posted announcements for sale dates and times.  JEWELRY SHOULD NEVER BE WORN TO CLASS!  All SOCKS AND SHOES are to be removed and placed on our shoe rack  or kept with the parent.


All Preschoolers must have a parent in the building at all times!  No children are permitted on our upstairs balcony/track without a parent or instructor with them.  We are not responsible for your child before or after classes.  Please inform your children that they are to remain behind the fenced-in floor area while waiting for classes to begin.


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